Auction to be held Jan 13 for Trinity Discretionary Fund to assist fire victims!

Trinity Gatlinburg
January 9, 2017 1:34 p.m.

Dear Friends in Christ,

St. James’ Episcopal Church, Greeneville, is holding an auction. $1,000 of the proceeds are to go to the Trinity Discretionary Fund to help those affected by the fires.

Here’s how you could help: Send them something to auction (gift cards or certificates might be easiest to get there!) Church address: 107 W Church St., Greeneville, TN 37745, (423) 638- 6583. Info: ST. JAMES ANNUAL OUTREACH AUCTION Friday, January 13, 2017 6:00 p.m.

GOAL: To donate $1,000.00 to Gatlinburg Trinity Episcopal Church to assist fire victims. Auctioneers will be Larry Reid and Bill Brown Bring finger food to share AUCTION ITEMS NEEDED!!!! Begin your search—services welcome! Biggest needs: Original art work, crafts, hobby items, golf tee times, antiques and sellable stuff Reserved bidding is available and encouraged.

Mark your calendar and let’s make this the biggest event yet!

WE NEED YOU TO BE THERE!!!!! Thank you!

Bob Beasley
Interim Rector
Trinity Episcopal Church
PO Box 55 Gatlinburg, TN 37738
(865) 436-4721

‘A year of recovery…’

We wanted to share this article from the Tennessean with you, “A year of recovery: Families rebuild after Gatlinburg wildfire.” Stories are from several folks as they begin their journey to  recover and rebuild – trying to find work, replacing important documents such as driver’s licenses and passports, finding a home or apartment, thinking about rebuilding …

Please continue to keep them in your prayers and continue to give as you can to help with the recovery process of the people, the land and businesses in the area.

Trinity, Gatlinburg – God is with Us

Dear Friends in Christ,

They shall call him Emmanuel, which means, “God is with us.” These words from this Sunday’s Gospel are ones to take to heart in this time in our community. They form part of the story of the birth of Jesus. The Fourth Sunday in Advent always takes us to the person of Mary and the immediate preparation for the incarnation of God in Christ Jesus. Cleave to the God who is with us. We will be okay.

8:00 Holy Eucharist: Rite One
10:00 Holy Eucharist: Rite Two

BISHOP GEORGE YOUNG WILL BE WITH US! The bishop was to be in Knoxville for confirmation and his visitation to St. Thomas Church. They graciously moved their worship time to the afternoon so he could come to Trinity. He won’t be here to confirm, but to preside, preach, pray, console, and uplift us. He will be with us for the 10:00 Eucharist and what time he can spare afterwards before going on to Knoxville.

5:00 Lighting of the Creche and Holy Eucharist
10:30 Carol Sing
11:00 Holy Eucharist


The Feast of the Holy Name
8:00 Holy Eucharist
11:00 Holy Eucharist

Multi-Agency Resource Center Open at Belz Mall, 2655 Teaster Lane, Pigeon Forge

Thanks to our own Muriel Simpson for accepting the charge to bring together this group of agencies to help the community. The center will be operational from Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. If you need anything service-oriented, the Multi-Agency Resource Center is where you need to go.

Agencies and State Departments who are present:

Tennessee Housing Development Agency (THDA)
Housing and Urban Development Department
Department of Human Services
Department of Children’s Services
Tennessee Labor and Workforce Development
Tennessee Highway Patrol
Tennessee Veterans Affairs
Tennessee Financial Institute
Tennessee Economic and Community Development
Tennessee Commerce and Insurance
Tennessee Health & Vital Affairs
Sevier County Senior Center
Douglas Cherokee
Volunteer East Tennessee
American Red Cross
Legal Aid of Tennessee
Safe Harbor
Safe Space
Sevier County Economic Development Council (will have a list of job openings available)

HELP? We have received many generous donations to the Trinity Discretionary Fund. If you or someone you know has a need, please contact me.

AIR QUALITY: Servpro pulled their machines out of our facilities this morning. They’ve cleaned the ducts, filtered the air, wiped off surfaces with special sponges, and cleaned the carpets. All should be ready for us Sunday. There’s a tarp on part of the roof and a light fixture to reinstall. As of this writing, only one of the seven parishioners who lost their homes is still searching for temporary housing and that should be okay by week’s end. TIP FROM MIKE LYON who was one of our parishioners who drove out late on Monday of the fire when the flame and smoke were at their worst: He had his car in the shop this week where they found his auto air filters “the worst they’ve ever seen.” You might want to have yours checked! As many know, Mike manages the Smoky Mountain Trout House, which plans to be serving meals Friday. We’re getting back in shape, thank God!


Bob Beasley
Interim Rector


St. Joseph, Sevierville, shares fire response plan

After days of information gathering, St. Joseph’s Episcopal Church Fire Response Team announced to members on December 11 plans of the parish to assist in this community fire response effort.

Based upon information from parishioners, county officials, the media, and local helping agencies, St. Joseph’s will collect money and grocery cards to distribute in places where they will go directly to fire victims in the quickest possible time frame.

Here is the full information now posted on the church’s website:



Parishioners to Return to Trinity Dec. 18

Dear Friends in Christ,

I was overly optimistic about getting back into Trinity Church for Sunday. Servpro will be in the building with noisy machines, etc., removing the soot and smoke smell. Therefore, we are unable to worship at the church. However,

at The Pottery House Cafe
171 Old Mill Avenue
(turn at Traffic Light #7)
Pigeon Force
9:30 a.m. Sunday

Come to the back room. We will finish in time for them to set up for lunch at 11:00, for which, of course, you are invited to stay, enjoy, and add something to the local economy.

I’m sorry we have to make other arrangements and sorry to add to the confusion of your lives right now. Servpro will be in the church buildings all week, but we should be able to worship at Trinity on 12/18. In fact, Bishop George Young is coming to preside at Eucharist at 10:00 a.m. on 12/18. He has rearranged his schedule in order to be with us.

CHURCH FACILITY UPDATE: Obviously, the smell left by the fires near the church have caused the biggest problem. The insurance adjuster found some shingles off the Parish House roof. Rectory seems to be in good shape with little smell because the heat and air were turned off over there. Thanks to those who stopped by to pick up around the church!


Bob Beasley
Interim Rector

Tales of generosity, of blessing in the midst of tragedy

From Canon Pat Grace today:

The first Sunday after wildfires devastated their homes and their community, the people of Trinity Church, Gatlinburg, did what they do best – they gathered for prayer, Scripture, Eucharist, the telling of stories and food. Although the church and rectory were, miraculously, untouched, even from smoke, local authorities were not allowing folks to make their way there. The city will, reportedly, be opening up next Wednesday, 12/7. So Joe and Frieda Holt hosted whoever could make their way to their home in Sevierville.

About twenty gathered at the invitation of Interim Rector Bob Beasley, who led the group in the traditions we have long shared and found life-giving, that is, continuing in the apostles’ teaching and fellowship, in the breaking of the bread and in the prayers.  We heard the Gospel for that Sunday – incredibly, John the Baptist’s words about unquenchable fire. We anointed each other for healing, we prayed for everyone and everything we could think of. We gave thanks. We shared the peace. We shared the bread and the wine.

Folks told stories of their flight from homes and offices, of terrifying visions and barriers that had to be overcome. We heard tales of generosity from strangers and friends alike, of blessing in the midst of tragedy; of rescues of dogs, cats, rabbits, Guinea pigs, fish, and a cockatiel that weathered the flight in the back of a truck – and made it through the night. We shed tears for pets who were beyond rescue, and for loved ones and strangers who lost their homes and their lives. Amidst the heartbreak, there was, even so, moments of laughter and the sharing of deep fellowship and love. There was hope, although these faithful people recognize the long road of recovery that lies ahead for their members and neighbors. They understood that they were not alone, but surrounded by a cloud of witnesses, ready and waiting to walk the way together.

Trinity Church Update

Update on Trinity Church:

Although the church and rectory were untouched, they know of seven parishioners who have lost their homes completely. Right now they are trying to figure out what comes next – and asking people for prayers and for contributions to the Trinity discretionary fund. Please let anyone know that they may send contributions to the Trinity Church Discretionary Fund, c/o Trinity Church, PO Box 55, Gatlinburg, 37738.

They will be able to get back into the church and the neighborhoods on Wednesday. We are committing to pray for them for the foreseeable future and it would be very wonderful if you and your parishes would pray for them also.

The recovery will take a long time – 1,400 structures were destroyed, and many of those places provided housing to people who are poor, working just from one paycheck to the next, and folks with serious medical conditions that prevented them from working and living in places other than weekly rental motels. There will be plenty of work to do and needs to fill.

Bob Beasley, interim rector, says that right now they’re just worried about people and are looking for people they’ve already served to see how Trinity might help them. There are many low income, vulnerable people who will need work.

Members gathered at a parishioner’s house last evening for prayers, Eucharist and telling stories. A video of the gathering is expected to be posted shortly. Folks can tune into it on Trinity Gatlinburg You Tube at While the stories of their flight from the fire were terrifying the many blessings and experiences of grace were just as inspiring.

Beasley said it’s important to note that although 1,400 buildings have been destroyed or damaged, a lot are still standing and there are a lot of people working on the area. Downtown Gatlinburg is fine. And parts of the surrounding areas are ok too.

Also, people are wanting to know what they can do. It appears that shelters and collection sites are overflowing with goods; they have so much that they are sending them to other areas. It’s still best to give money to reputable organizations that are working in Gatlinburg. Trinity’s discretionary fund and the Red Cross are two great ways to help. The Red Cross posts needs on its web site. Keep checking the news as needs will change over time.

Peace and prayers to you.