Update on Trinity, Gatlinburg

Dear Friends and Parishioners of Trinity,

I return from CA Wednesday evening. I’ve been stunned to see what has happened as a result of the fires back in Gatlinburg and Sevier County. Many of Trinity’s parishioners have expressed the trauma the fires have caused in their lives.

I have heard from quite a few in the wider world who are anxious about Trinity Church, her parishioners, and the people of Gatlinburg. We are not yet able to get to the church until the authorities have cleared the way and allowed folks back into Gatlinburg. I have heard from two sources that the church is okay though there is much damage nearby. I’ve heard from four parishioners whose homes were destroyed and heard about more possibilities. We will have to give each other a lot of love and support and rely deeply on the peace and power of God.

In addition, we know that Gatlinburg and its people will face many challenges in recovery. Many people in the community were already living in very difficult circumstances in the old motels without personal transportation.

 I am hoping we can have services Sunday, but it depends on being able to get to the church. I think those who can get there need some time for fellowship, support, and prayer. In a time of great need, we may find solace in praising God. I’ll let everyone know when we know for sure and hope they are able to get email.

If those in the wider world would like to help, there are, of course, many ways to do so. You may also send contributions to the Trinity Church Discretionary Fund at the address below. We’ll see that it is used for the good of those in the community.

Please remember to lift up the community in prayer.

Thank you.


Bob Beasley
Interim Rector

Trinity Episcopal Church
PO Box 55
Gatlinburg, TN 37738
trinitye@belllsouth.net   (865) 436-4721


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