Parishioners to Return to Trinity Dec. 18

Dear Friends in Christ,

I was overly optimistic about getting back into Trinity Church for Sunday. Servpro will be in the building with noisy machines, etc., removing the soot and smoke smell. Therefore, we are unable to worship at the church. However,

at The Pottery House Cafe
171 Old Mill Avenue
(turn at Traffic Light #7)
Pigeon Force
9:30 a.m. Sunday

Come to the back room. We will finish in time for them to set up for lunch at 11:00, for which, of course, you are invited to stay, enjoy, and add something to the local economy.

I’m sorry we have to make other arrangements and sorry to add to the confusion of your lives right now. Servpro will be in the church buildings all week, but we should be able to worship at Trinity on 12/18. In fact, Bishop George Young is coming to preside at Eucharist at 10:00 a.m. on 12/18. He has rearranged his schedule in order to be with us.

CHURCH FACILITY UPDATE: Obviously, the smell left by the fires near the church have caused the biggest problem. The insurance adjuster found some shingles off the Parish House roof. Rectory seems to be in good shape with little smell because the heat and air were turned off over there. Thanks to those who stopped by to pick up around the church!


Bob Beasley
Interim Rector


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